Puppetier: Out of body Experience
Puppetier, a project that plays on the concept of telematic art, as well as an out of body experience for the users as they lose control of their hand within the Puppetier glove. This notion of losing control brings forth an element of disembodiment that is foreign to us humans, yet it allows us to feel a sense of play, and experience a feeling that we, as humans don't generally experience. Like olden day puppeteers controlling their puppets for show, our project Puppetier operates in a similar fashion, where one user's movements/gestures are captured and translated to a glove in which another user will wear. The user whose hand is within the glove will lose control of their own hand and be controlled by the gestures of the other user.

Project Puppetier will explore the experience of disembodiment and how this feeling would affect our actions when we see our hands moving without our control. What we found during our design process and testing was an initial urge of resistance followed by a sense of what feels like relief, but even after we go pass the initial state, our bodies at times automatically resist without us thinking about it. This became the driving force for our project afterwards.

We utilize Xbox Kinect capability to capture physical hand gesture and translating back to a glove wire with servo motor control by arduino to mimic the physical hand gesture. 

This project was entered in BCNET digital media challenge 2011 obtaining a 2nd place in this competition. 
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