Robot Showdown: Programming and Games
Arudino, Electronic Hacking and Server
Robot Showdown is a two-player, interactive laser tag war-game featuring remotely-controlled tanks hooked up to a networked scoring system. The key motivation for our project was the resolve the gap that exists between the digital and tangible, and bridging it in an engaging manner. Each tank is equipped with a mounted laser emitter, laser receptors and bump sensors. 
Robot Showdown is primarily an entertainment product, and also a testbed for us to demonstrate the possibilities for Arduino and Processing to create engaging, integrated experiences. Specifically, Robot Showdown should achieve the following objectives:Demonstrate viable, fair and engaging gameplay for both playersDemonstrate networked gameplay and data synchronization Demonstrate ease of use and accessible gameplay

Robot Showdown plays very much like a remote-control game of laser tag between the two opposing players. The robots are rigged via IR Controllers, with sophisticated XBee Wireless Modules allowing communication between Arduino microcontrollers and their host computers. A master arena computer hooked up via 802.11 WLAN ties it all together, acting as game master and score board.
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