Wear Me: Scarf 

Interactive Garment 

To celebrate the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, a productdesigned to improve people’s experience at the event. WEARME is amulti-functional scarf that allows the user to wear it with their own style.The design was inspired by the elderly and their need to keep warm. Thisproduct does not just provide warmth, it also “connects” people with itsinteractive element. We study the type of interaction that occur inside awinter sporting event, and chose two type of common interaction such as handshake and high five. Conductive element has been applied to the exterior partof the scarf for allowing immediate connection of the two circuit which triggera laminated through those gestures.
Participating in many winter activities requires people tobe situated in cold temperature for an extended period of time. Proper wintergear is essential to protect the body from the bitter environment; however, italways becomes a hassle as it increases bulkiness and hinders movement.
The neck, ears, and hands are the most exposed in coldweather, and people feel that these body parts are more sensitive to coldtemperature, so we designed WEARME to serve the purpose of scarf, hat, mitts. WEARMEis made of flannel on one side to retain heat, and a water resistant fabric onthe other to protect wearers from harsh weather. There are main pockets at theends for users to place their hands, and within are small interior pouches tohold heating elements of various size. These packs provide a secondary heatsource when needed.
A hood protects against rain or snow, and keeps the face andears warm. The hood can be folded and stored in a hidden compartment within thescarf when not in use. The retractable feature also exists to accommodate jacketsand coats that have their own hood.


1st Winner of 2009 Made in Brunel Design Competition

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