Precedent Studies: Sarphatistraat by Steven Holl
Physical Model, 3D model and rendering

Precedent studies on Sarphaitistraat by Steven Holl over four weeks for IAT 233, a second-year course on spatial deign and understand space used by people. During this four week learned to understand the process of making and criticizing, experiencing and analyzing spatial form, in both physical and digital. We take these learning for form making and critically thinking applied this project.  One of which is to use evaluative tool such as pattern language, affordances and phenomenology to understand what has been achieved already in the emergent field.

The challenging aspect of this project was cutting the perforated hole in each panel of the scale model. To push the envelope of this project, I attempted to replicate the same amount of perforation in the panel, total over 350,000 holes for the entire scale model. It was a fun process because I was able to pushed the limit of amount of perforation and accuracy our laser cutting method and my modeling skill. Each panel was carefully put together to create a scaled model of the original building.

In later weeks, same scale model in 3D was created. The program of choice was Cinema 4d. The above image was a process shot of low-fidelity prototype to high fidelity prototype.

This project demonstrated my interest in model fabrication. 

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