Table Non Table 

This video is created by: Doenja Oogjes 

The table-non-table is a table-like structure made of approximately 1000 sheets of stacked common stock paper and an aluminum chassis. Each sheet of paper measures 17.5 inches by 22.5 inches with a square hole in the middle to allow it to stack around an aluminum square post. Almost entirely hidden, the chassis holds the paper about half an inch from the floor giving the structure a floating appearance. When plugged into an electrical outlet, the table-non-table moves slowly one to two times per day for less than ten seconds.

Table-non-table is crafted as a counterfactual artifact under a research concept of material speculation. Material speculation centers on the crafting of a counterfactual artifact to carefully and precisely inquire into research questions. A counterfactual artifactis a fully realized system or object that in a use-context may contradict what would normally be considered logical (Wakkary et al) 

Wakkary. R, Odom. W, Hauser, S. Hertz. G, Lin.H, "Material Speculation: Actual Artifacts for Critical Inquiry",Aarhus (2015)], Peer Reviewed Publication 

Published Paper
Hauser.S,Wakkary.R, Odom.W, Verbeek. P, Desjardins.A, Lin.H, Dalton.M, Schilling.M,Boer.G, “Deployments of the table-non-table: A Reflection on the RelationBetween Theory and Things in the Practice of Design Research”, CHI (2018), PeerReviewed Publication

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