Tilting Bowl 


The tilting bowl is a design research project that aims to investigate how computational artifacts can consciously and unconsciously become a meaningful resource in the practices of everyday life over time. We refer to the idea as things of practice in which we want to understand how the interweaving of shape, materials, interface features, software, and electronics come together in digital artifacts to enable adoption within practices. As a consequence, the specifications for the tilting bowl are that it be a desirable artifact for the home and that it seamlessly fits and functions with other everyday objects for several months. In large part, this drove the design decisions of the tilting bowl

MDF Prototyping 

3D Cad Modeling of Tilting bowl in Rhino

The Making of Ceramic bowl at Emily Carr University with collaboration Material Matter lab

Implementation of Electronic 

Vincent & Vincent - Tilting Bowl - Everyday Design Studio
Video made by: Doenja Oogjes

Using Format