Morse Things

Applying a thing-centered, material speculation approach we designed the Morse Things to acknowledge and inquire into the gap between things and us. The Morse Things are sets of ceramic bowls and cups networked together to independently communicate through Morse code in an Internet of Things (IoT). We deployed the Morse Things in the households of six interaction design practitioners and researchers for six weeks. Following the deployment, we conducted a workshop to discuss the role of the Morse Things and ultimately the gap between things and people. We reflect on the nature of living with IoT things and discuss insights into the gap between things and humans that led to the idea of a new type of thing in the home that is neither human-centered technology nor non-digital artifacts.  

This Project is under the supervision of Ron Wakkary, and in Emily Carr University, Material Matter Lab. 
Other collaborator in this project includes, Doenja Oogjes (SFU), Shannon Mortimer (ECU), Aidan Cao (SFU), Leo Ma (SFU). 

My role in the project include: Project Management, Electronic Prototyping, Circuit Board Manufacturing, additive manufacturing and quality check. 

Crafting Ceramic at Emily Carr University 

Custom PCB development 

Packaging Design and Hardware Integration

Deployment of Morse Things in participant's home

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