Formal, Accredited Education &Professional Development

2004-Present Master ofArt
Master thesis
: Rethinking Electronic Prototyping in relation to ResearchProduct
Surrey Interactive School and technology, Simon Fraser University, Surrey,Canada.

2008-2013 Bachelor of Art
Surrey Interactive School and technology, Simon Fraser University, Surrey,Canada.

2012 3D designCertificate
Emily Carr University, Vancouver, Canada

Professional Experience

2009-2013 WeddingPhotography Assistance

2010-Present Fabricationspecialist
Simon Fraser University, Solidspace Prototyping Lab.

2010 – 2011 TeachingAssistant
(Graphic Design), TA, Fraser International Collage

2011-Present ITService technician
Simon Fraser University, ACS IT Service

2011 TeachingAssistant
(Spatial Thinking and Communicating), Simon Fraser University

2011 – 2013 TeachingAssistant
(Material in Design), Simon Fraser University,

2011-2013 JuniorFabrication apprentice & Specials associate
Industrial Plastic and Paint, Vancouver Canada.

2012 Capstone Mentor
Simon Fraser University

2014 - 2015 TeachingAssistant
(Body Wearable Interface), RA Simon Fraser University

2016 3D printingand Scanning Instructor
(SFU summer camp), Simon Fraser University


2014 – Present Reviewer for peer reviewed Conference

CHI 2014, 2015

TEI 14 15

DIS 2014 2016


2010 WearMe, SIAT Showcase, Simon Fraser University,Surrey, [Invited Exhibition]

2012 Tesella, SFU Open House Showcase in collaborationwith B.Cheng, M.Kim,  S.Fung, Z.Bush,J,Seo, Simon Fraser University, Surrey, [Invited Exhibition]

2012 Envella, SFU Open House Showcase in collaborationwith M.Colman, E,Ip, A,Ling, L,Man, Simon Fraser University, Surrey, [InvitedExhibition]

2012 Puppetier, SFU Open House Showcase incollaboration B.Cheng, V,Chu, E.Suyu, J.Sy,

Simon FraserUniversity, Surrey, [Invited Exhibition]

2012 Envella, Vancouver Mini Maker Faire incollaboration with M.Colman, E,Ip, A,Ling, L,Man, PNE Forum, Vancouver, [InvitedExhibition]

2013 Pi, Here and Away Exhibition, in collaboration of Ying-Chiu Chan etall, Emily Carr University, [InvitedExhibition]


2013 H.Lin, “Envella,” CreativeEconomic, Surrey, [Invited Presentation]

2013 E.Ip, H.Lin “Envella,” Digital MediaAcademy Expo, Argyle Secondary School, North Vancouver, [Invited Presentation]

Publication and WorkShop

2013 - H.Lin, D.Barter, “Patterns of experience in thermalconceptual metaphors,” in Extended Abstract of Conference on Human-Computer Interaction CHI’13, 1743-1748,

[Refereed Paper]

2014 - H.Lin, L.Aflatoony, R.Wakkary, “Design for one: a game controller for aquadriplegic gamer,” in proceeding ofextended abstract on ACM Human Factors in Computing System CHI ’14, 1243-1248,[Refereed Paper]

2015 - R.Wakkary, W.Odom, S.Hauser, G.Hertz,H.Lin, “Materialspeculation; actual artifact for critical inquiry,” in proceeding of the FifthDecennial Aarhuss Conference on Critical Alternatives AA ’15, 97-108, [Refereed Full Paper]

2015 - R.Wakkary, M.L.Schilling,M.Dalton, S.Hauser, A.Desjardins, Zhang.Xiao, H.Lin, “Tutorial Authorship and HybridDesigners: The Joy (and Frustration) of DIY tutorials,” in proceeding of the 33rdAnnual ACM conference on Human Factors in Computing System CHI ’15, 609-618,[Refereed Full Paper]

2016 - R.Wakkary, H.Lin, Mortimer.S,Low.L, Desjardins.Audrey, Doyle.K, Robbins.P, “Productive Frictions Moving FromDigital to Material prototyping and Low-Volume Production for Design Research,” inproceeding of the Designing Ineractive System DIS ’16, 1258-1269, [Refereed Full Paper]

Abstracts / Posters

2011 - M.Colman, E,Ip, H.Lin, A,Ling,L,Man, “Envella: MakingSpace Personal” in Proceeding of International Symposium of Electronic Art’11,[Refereed Paper]

2011 - M.Colman, E,Ip, H.Lin, A,Ling,L,Man, “Envella: MakingSpace Personal” in FCAT undergraduate research conference’11,[Refereed Presentation]

2012 - B.Cheng, M.Kim, H.Lin, S.Fung,Z.Bush, J,Seo,“Tessella: Interactive Origami Light,” in Proceedings of the Tangible and Embedded Interaction TEI ’12, 317-318,2012 [Refereed Paper]

2013 - D.Barter, H.Lin, “Getting Warmer: Identifying PopulationStereotypes for Thermal Expressions,” in Tangibleand Embedded Interaction TEI ’13 posters WIP, 2013 [Refereed Poster]


2009 - Made In Brunel InternationalAward (Title: WearMe) atBrunel University UK June 2009.

2011 - First Prize in Interaction Design (Title: Envella)at SIAT undergraduate student competition hosted by Simon Fraser University:SIAT, Vancouver.  February 2011

2011 - First Prize in Programing and Games (Title: RobotShowdown) at SIAT undergraduate student competition hosted by Simon FraserUniversity: SIAT, Vancouver.  February2011

2011 - Second Prize in BCNET Digital Media Challenge (Title:Puppetier) at SFU Downtown campus hosted by BCNET, Vancouver. June 2011

2011 - Regional Finalist in Migration Landscape architecturecompetition, Vancouver. November 2011

2012 - SIAT Travel Award, Simon Fraser University, Canada. Feb2012

2012 - Vice President URSA student Award, Simon Fraser University, Canada . September– December 2012

2013 - SIAT Travel Award, Simon Fraser University, Canada. Feb 2013

2013 - SIAT Travel Award, Simon Fraser University, Canada. May2013

2014 - SIAT Travel Award, Simon Fraser University, Canada. May2014

2016 - Liberation Scholarship, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherland. 

2018 - CHI Honorable Paper Award, Philosophers Living with the Tilting Bowl

Technical Skill


Fabrication Shop experience: 10 Years

CAD program: Solidwork, Inventor, Adobe 123 suite, Sketch up, 3DS Max, Fusion 360

CAM: CAMBAM, MakerCam, SheetCam, Vectric Aspire, ProtoDesktop, 

Graphic Program: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Lightroom, Indesign

Video: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effect, Final Cut pro

Programming: Processing, CSS, HTML, Arduino


DSLR, studio Lighting

Physical Computing, Model Making, 

Additive Manufacturing: 3D Modeling, 3D printer maintenance (professional / DIY) 

Subractive Manufacturing: CNC Operation, Laser Cutting Operation, 

Manufacturing techniques:Molding/casing, Vacuum forming, Injection Molding, Alumium and Bronze casting, Ceramic

Using Format