A Material Speculative Object 

Video Credit: Rex Shi, Naomi Zhang, Jane Wong, Tommy Ma

The hook is an artifact inspired by research conducted in the everyday design context where it was observed that people in their everyday lives creatively and purposefully appropriate objects. Inspired by those findings, we aimed at creating artifacts that can serve as resources for everyday design practices by making objects that have clear functionality but open purpose. For instance, the hook's functionality is that it lights up in different colors depending on the orientation it is tilted. However, it is unclear what the goal of the artifact is... it is up to the people using it to creatively appropriate it. 

The hook went through multiple design iterations in terms of materials and electronics. We are currently working on a new version where the bulb is made of bone china and the hook part is maple. This new iteration is in collaboration with the PMP lab at Emily Carr University, particularly working with Keith Doyle and Philip Robbins. 

My role in the project: Concept Development, Prototyping, Fabrication, Electronic Implementation


Different lighting effect when the hook is tilted in different direction 

CNC work 

Various Form exploration through subtraction manufacturing. 

Electronic Design 

Attiny 85, Accelerometer, Lipo Batery 

The design goal of the electronic was to minimize the foot print of the circuit design to allow a bigger lipo battery to be fitted into the design of the capsule. Image on the left shows the second iteration of the circuitry design. Image on the right is the third implementation of the circuit design with the contain of the final form. 


Currently, this project is in it's final phase of production. More detail to come

Project in collaboration with Ron Wakkary, Xiao Zhang, and Audrey Desjardins from the EDS studio at SFU. 

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